About Us

FluxAqua is Australian owned and operated with a passion for providing high quality products to aquarium hobbyists.
With over a decade of experience in aquascaping, our goal is to provide Australian consumers with only the highest quality products and swift, local customer service for ultimate peace of mind.
When it comes to Co2 injection, we see two key issues:
  1. Complexity
  2. Cost
Many aquarists are afraid to enter the world of aquascaping or planted tanks due to the belief that Co2 injection is too difficult. Admitedly, some of the equipment can look a little intimidating to begin with. Without approriate guidance, figuring out how to setup and run a Co2 system can be a little confusing. As such, all of our regulators come with super easy to follow video tutorials. Further to this, our written guides outline why Co2 injection is so important and how to achieve the optimal level of Co2 injection in your aquarium.
In Australia we see some complete Co2 systems are simply not affodable. Worse yet, their reliability has been subject to immense questioning in the aquascaping community. This was something that was difficult for us to comprehend. With a 3 year warranty on all of our regulators, FluxAqua is driven to make the hobby easier and more accesible for all.